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DataFlex Studio for windows/web/mobile

Visual DataFlex Studio is a complete tool box for developing Windows-, web- and mobile applications. It contains an integrated developing tool kit, including compiler, application framework, component library, database tools and documentation. The interaction between the DataFlex components is total, thus eliminating amounts of tedeious and redundant coding. Below you’ll find licensing information for commercial use. You can also download a personal edition for test and non-commercial purposes. DataFlex Personal edition can be downloaded though this link

DataFlex Studio License is personal. The annual licence renewal includes all updates and is approximately 25 % of the new price. Call us to discuss further information.

Licence information:

  • A 3-user DataFlex Windows Client with driver (Connectivity Kits) for MS-SQL, DB2, ODBC and Pervasive.SQL database for development and test. Windows- or Web client licences for third party deployment must be purchased separately.
  • The DataFlex WebApp Server included is only allowed for development and test purposes. When deploying web- and/or mobile applications an additional Webapp server licence must be purchased. Contact us for further information about the various options. 

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